… Bakers often ask themselves what are the advantages of thermo-oil furnaces and drawbacks. Increasingly, it is easier to get expert information on these systems, this field for several years very effectively and successfully developing in Poland. I invite you to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the new thermo-oil furnaces Anbox company …

The thermo-oil systems, heat is generated in a “boiler”. It is heated in a special oil for high temperature, which heats the oven. With nagrzanemu oil, a very good thermal stability, after loading the chamber temperature does not fall.

Our goal was to achieve the highest efficiency, the use of the energy produced by the burner and deliver it to the furnace chambers limit its loss. Guided by years of experience in this field and communing with thermo-oil furnaces have been enhanced technical solutions in our furnaces and uses special heat-insulating materials. After these changes, 50% energy saving has become a reality.
Class materials, execution

Our furnaces are used the best available grades of steel. The casing is made entirely of stainless steel, making the stove very durable and resistant to conditions in the bakery and it looks very nicely and is easy to keep clean. Our ovens are placed on a solid base, which greatly accelerates and facilitates the assembly of the stove in the bakery, and is mobile in the future. High-grade materials provide durability oven and baking quality degradation.
Value for the money

It turns out that the price of the furnace thermal-oil “Anbox” is not high compared to furnaces and ovens cyclothermic to the pipe system. Using the technique of thermo-oil you get repeatability and equality and pastries while you save up to 50% of energy consumption.

even baking over the entire surface
low heat loss
highly efficient misting system
cheap to run cheap breadmaking
mechanical stability
oven value does not fall, because of the high quality materials used
baking large compared with the occupied place
proven technology